You can join Arca online by signing up on the frontpage of our website. When you signup you will receive a welcome e-mail with all the information you need to book you first class.

Cancelling a membership

You can cancel your Arca membership here on our website. In order to cancel a membership you need to fill out this FORM. Cancelling a membership cannot be done via e-mail or phone. 

Memberships can be terminated at any time with a notice of current calendar month + 1 calendar month, unless otherwise stated upon registration. All offer memberships purchased through Arca’s website have a binding period of at least one calendar month as a paying member. The minimum price is therefore the front page offer price + DKK 499 (DKK 429 for students).

 You are of course welcome to participate on WODs during the notice period. If a membership is put on hold the membership will become active during the final month of the notice period. You will receive a confirmation of your resignation, which we recommend that you keep in case of any issues.


Members have to use their QR code in Arca app to ‘punch in’ in order to attend a workout. This is done by scanning the QR code in the QR scanner located in the gym. This must be done no later than 5 minutes before the beginning of the scheduled workout. If members forget to ‘punch in’ or fail to attend a scheduled workout they will be charged fee of DKK 49,-. You also have to ‘punch in’ for Open Gym. 

You also have the option to signin by using your membership number and your code. Go to the reception screen and type in your info.

Please note that if you forget to ‘punch in’ you will lose your spot on the workout to another member who is on the waiting list. If there is no one on the waiting list you can still attend the workout, but the computer will record you as ‘not having attended’ and you will be charged DKK 49,-. We do not give refunds regarding being late for a workout or missing a scheduled workout.


You can book your class at arca.dk or in our booking-app “Arca”.

Are you somehow prevented from attending a class, you will have to cancel your reservation 2 hours before it begins.
Check-in for your class has to happen 5 minutes before it begins.

All our members are granted the possibility of booking two WODs á day. You can only book three WODs at a time, but the system is updated continuously so you can book a new WOD after having finished one. The login information required to book a workout is the membership number + password (First time you login the password is the first four digits of the birthday – DD/MM). Booking is available both on our website and via apps for iPhone and Android. You can cancel a booking no later than 2 hours before the beginning of the scheduled workout.

Membership on hold

You can put your membership on hold over a period of minimum 4 weeks to maximum 6 months. A fee of DKK 119- will be charged when putting a membership on hold. If a membership is cancelled when it is put on hold the membership will become active during the final month of the notice period. You can put your membership on hold by in the app.

Automatic door system and unattended training

Arca has installed an automatic door system in selected gyms, which allows you to open entrance doors with your QR code.
You have access to the gyms via the automatic door system from 5:45am to 10pm on weekdays and from 7:45am to 6pm on weekends.
It is not allowed to bring guests, and it is not allowed to bring non-members into the center.
When training on your own, it is not allowed to bring equipment outside the gym.
All gyms have video surveillance, and any violation of the above will result in cancellation of membership and exclusion of at least two years of training in all Arca gyms.


Write us at kontor@arca.dk